Mastech Multimeter Review 2018: Mastech ms8268, ms8229 Details


Whenever your home appliances have an issue, a multimeter comes into rescue by troubleshooting. There are various types to choose from with the main difference being analog and digital multimeters. Digital multimeters are the best as they are very easy to use and come with added features.

So, whether you’re an electronics hobbyist or an expert electrician, you need to have a quality digital meter that can help you measure dc/ac voltage, current, capacitance, resistant, frequency, duty cycle and many others. Also, different multimeters have different features that play a huge role in the job they perform.

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Mastech brand is one of the latest multimeter brands on the market. Even though it has not been in the market for long, most of its models are already performing well. Mastech brand makes quality digital meters that meets the needs of different electricians and engineers as well. Since there are various Mastech multimeters on the market, we decided to narrow down on some of the best models that are performing excellent in different categories. These have been discussed in detail below.

Factors to consider in the best Mastech multimeters


One of the things that sets apart Mastech multimeters from the other brands is its features. Although Mastech meters have outstanding features, it is important to choose the type that meets your different needs. There are models built for professionals, beginners and all purpose multimeters.  The higher the price, the more advanced the Mastech multimeter. Some of the common features to find in Mastech digital meters include: auto-ranging, auto shut off, True RMS, and large LCD display.


Not every Mastech model that you see out there performs all electrical issues. There are those built for hvac troubleshooting, while some are best for industrial use. Know the role that you want the Mastech multimeter to play for you before acquiring it. They have different types for almost everyone.


Always check the price of the multimeter before buying it. Mastech have different multimeters that are priced differently. If you want a multimeter that has lots of features or performs various tests, then a highly priced model will be excellent. But if you want an all purpose multimeter that is easy to use, then a low priced model with little features is the best to acquire.

The best 4 Mastech multimeter review

These are the top selling Mastech multimeters.

Mastech MS8268 Series digital multimeter

This is a wonderful mulitmeter for beginners and electronics hobbyists. It is affordable and comes with simple to use features. The sturdily built multimeter is compactly designed to provide better functionality. It has a large LCD display that can be read even in dark areas by switching the backlight on. In addition, the auto-hold feature allows the user to save the results on the device when busy for later recording.  The auto-ranging features ensures that the user of the multimeter always record precise results whenever a test is conducted. Also, the power off feature enables the tool to switch itself off when left idle for more than 15 minutes. With the one year warranty offered by Mastech, you can rely on this brand for accurate readings.

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  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Auto power off
  • LED/sound warning
  • Compact design
  • Auto-hold
  • Backlit LCD display
  • One year warranty


  • It is durably created to offer long lasting performance
  • It comes with a large LED backlit display for easy reading of results even in dark areas
  • Mastech MS8268 has an automatic shut off features that saves battery power
  • It has the capability to save readings with its auto hold feature
  • It comes with a sound warning when wrongly utilized

Mastech MS8229 digital multimeter

If your work is to repair electrical appliances in homes or in commercial areas, then this is a perfect digital multimeter for you. The device is sturdily made and can be handled easily with its compact design. The multi-functional digital meter has several outstanding features that make this to be a high quality and versatile meter.  It has a blue backlit LCD display that lights even in the dark to enable the user read the results easily. Other great features that make this multimeter to perform well are the auto-ranging and auto-holding feature. The built in temperature allows hvac technicians to read and maintain appliances. While the warning sound alerts you when you place the test leads in the wrong ports.

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  • Multi-functional digital meter
  • Blue backlit LCD display
  • Auto-ranging
  • Auto-holding
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensors
  • LED/sound warning


  • It is compactly designed for heavy duty use
  • MS8229 provides accurate and precise readings
  • It has a large display to provide easy reading of results
  • The auto holding feature allows the user to save whatever they have read
  • It can be used to troubleshoot hvac with its built-in temperature

Mastech MS8264 digital multimeter

The simple and affordable multimeter from Mastech is suitable for DIYers electronics and electronics enthusiasts. It is offered at a great price and has easy to use features. The sturdily constructed multimeter is made of quality materials and it can last for a very long while. It has various features such as the data hold that saves information after being displayed on the screen. The auto-power off feature allows the user to save on cost of buying new batteries now and then by shutting the meter off when left idle. It is also safe to use with a safety rating of CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V.

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  • Large blue LCD display
  • Auto power off
  • Auto hold
  • CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V safety rating
  • 30 range full featured meter
  • Sturdy construction
  • One year Tekpower USA warranty


  • It is strongly built to survive the hard conditions that electricians face on a daily basis
  • It has auto power off to save battery power
  • The large backlit screen allows the gadget to be used even in dark places
  • It is compact in design to fit perfect in the users hand
  • The manufacturer offers a one year Tekpower USA warranty

Mastech MS2115A digital Multimeter

This is one of the most sophisticated and high quality multimeter devices from Mastech brand. It has exceptional features and is very easy to use.  It is more suited for professionals and is a bit costly. If you’re an electrician looking for a high quality and reliable multimeter with excellent features, then, this is the best multimeter for you.

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  • True RMS technology
  • Dc/ac current measurement up to 1000A
  • Large LCD display with 5999 counts
  • Built-in non-contact voltage detector
  • Auto-ranging
  • Auto-hold
  • Measures voltage, current, frequency, capacitance, and resistance


  • It is sturdily made from quality materials for longevity
  • It is compact in design for easy handling and application while in the field
  • Has a large LCD display screen for showing test results taken
  • The True RMS feature ensures that the user acquires accurate results always
  • Easy to conduct voltage tests with the built-in non-contact voltage detector

Mastech ms8268 vs innova 3320


The Mastech multimeters are some of the best and have excellent features. The brand offers different models for every person. With the above multimeter varieties to select from, finding the best Mastech multimeter for your job is easy. Hope you’ve found this review to be of great importance and impacted how you will select your next Mastech digital multimeter.

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