Fluke 117 Review 2017(Nov.): Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Multimeters make the work of electricians to be easy and quick. Before repairing electronics and electrical appliances, one has to know what the problem is. A digital meter helps one to perform tests and determine what the issue might be. But with lots of models and types to choose from, finding a great multimeter is no easy thing. There are different multimeters created for particular roles and there are others that are versatile and can be used for various roles. Some are very complex and can only be effectively utilized by professionals while others are less complex and even DIY enthusiasts can utilize them. In this Fluke 117 review article we will discuss all features of this multimeter.

Among the many brands that offer multimeters on the market, Fluke is considered as the best by many electricians. Fluke creates multimeters of all kinds. The Fluke 117 is among their well performing models. The Fluke 117 digital meter is a small but compactly designed meter. It is suitable for beginners and electronics hobbyists. It is not like Fluke 87v which is versatile in nature and packed with lots of features ideal for industrial use. The Fluke 117 meter is a simple and versatile tool that can measure frequency, current, voltage, capacitance and many other tests. With its True RMS feature, expert electricians can depend on this meter to give them precise and reliable readings.

Fluke 117 review & Feature detail

  • Small and ergonomic
  • CATIII safety rated
  • Min/Max mode
  • True RMS
  • Large backlit display
  • Auto-volt
  • Measures voltage, current, capacitance, frequency and resistance
  • Low input impedance test
  • Tests amperage to 10A
  • Volt alert detector
  • Weighs 1.3 lbs
  • 3 year limited warranty

Why use Fluke 117 digital meter

Durable construction

To start with, the Fluke 117 meter is a device built to survive in harsh conditions. It is shock resistant and built with the best materials. When working, it is easy for a meter to slip from your hand and fall, if it’s fragile, it will crash. But if its durably made such as the Fluke 117 meter, then you can be sure to use it for several years as it doesn’t crash easily.

High resolution LED backlit display

Just like the other fluke meters, this one also has a high resolution that makes reading of results to be simple and very fast. Its screen is larger and viewing of results isn’t a problem. In addition, it has a backlit display that allows the user to read test outcomes even in the dark. The backlit display has its own button and you shouldn’t worry when you are in a well lit area.

Ergonomic design

One of the features that make a meter to be easy to use is its shape and how comfortably it fits in the hand. The Fluke 117 meter is ergonomically designed and fits perfectly in the users hands. In addition to this, it is constructed with a nice grip that adds comfort when using the gadget. This makes operating the device to be easy, even by use of one hand.

Small and lightweight

No electrician wants to work with a heavy and tiring device. This is because performing the different electrical tests might take a lot of time. The Fluke 117 digital multimeter is the ideal tool to use. It is small and lightweight as it just weighs 400 grams. With such a weight, this won’t be a burden to the user at all.

Easy to use with the non-contact voltage detection

Another thing that makes this multimeter to be very useful is it’s easy to use features. This includes the well indicated buttons, compact design and wonderful grip. Also, the non-contact voltage detection makes it possible for newbies and DIY conduct tests without any fear. If you want to perform the voltage test without the test leads, you can hover the device over the area you want to test and wait for an audible signal. Besides, the non-contact voltage detection acts as a safety feature, too.

Auto hold feature

In case you don’t have a place to write the results of any test you carry out you can always use this features to store the readings. All you have to do is to press the button for it to hold the readings for you up to the next session.

Auto shut off feature

Many people take this feature for guaranteed but it is of great help. When the device is not in use for 15 minutes, the device shuts off on its own. This helps reduce misuse of battery power and also prolong the life of the multimeter. But when there is an activity going on, it won’t shut off itself.

True RMS feature

If you’re a professional electrician or a beginner and want a device that provides accurate and precise readings, then it is important to look for one with the True RMS feature. In this mutimeter, the True RMS ensures that accurate measurements are taken on non-linear loads. Thus, it eliminates any room of error during reading.

Versatile in use

Fluke has a number of multimeters to offer and this one is one of the best. This is because it can be applied by different people such as professional electricians, startup electricians, hobbyist electricians, or even DIY enthusiasts. It is very easy to use and doesn’t come with complicated features like the Fluke 87v. It can as well be used for Hvac and on other electronic equipment.

Great price

Many people are afraid to venture in Fluke multimeters because of their prices. But at the same time, people who want quality products without minding the prices always buy from Fluke. The fluke 117 meter is slightly cheaper than the other models and it is used for both commercial and residential purposes.

3 year limited warranty

One of the notable features of Fluke meters is that the brand provides a powerful warranty on all its products. Most of the multimeter brands give warranty of one year or less. While other brands give nothing at all. This Fluke model has a 3 year limited warranty which is great for such a quality and affordable digital multimeter tool.

Cons of the fluke 117 multimeter

  • It is not very accurate
  • It doesn’t measure low current values such as micro amps and milliamps
  • At times, display losses contrast to certain angles

Bottom line

Although not as costly or versatile as other Fluke models, the Fluke 117 can still be relied on to provide precise results. Unlike other models, it is compact and suitable to work with for long hours. This is because it is small and easy to hold in the hand. Also, it has a nice grip and just weights 1.3 pounds. The various features that it offers make it to be a versatile Fluke digital meter at a greater price. In addition to this, it has safety features like the magnet hanger and as well its CAT III safety rated. On top of that the 3 year warranty from the manufacturer makes it to be a reliable product.

If you’re looking for a versatile but simple and accurate digital multimeter device, then the Fluke 117 digital meter is the ideal tool for you. Hope you’ve found this fluke 117 review to be informative and helpful.

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