Craftsman Multimeter Review 2022: Top 3 Craftsman digital multimeter

Craftsman Multimeter

Do you want a cheap multimeter for home or personal use? If you need a multimeter to measure AC-DC voltage, DC current, resistance, Continuity, and Diode test, then Craftsman multimeter will be a great choice for you. After analyzing several multimeters models from Craftsman brands, we have selected 3, and these are the best Craftsman multimeters on the market. In this Craftsman multimeter review article, We’ve discussed them further as follows.

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Currently, there are lots of multimeters on the market. Some have a questionable quality, while others are just excellent. Before buying a digital multimeter, you should take a look at the different models and brands available on the market. Acquiring a low quality or less reliable meter won’t give you accurate readings.

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Top 3 Best Craftsman Multimeter Comparison Table

ImagesCraftsman MultimeterVoltagePrice Idea
Editors ChoiceCheck PriceCraftsman 34-82141 Digital Multimeter with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges
Read Review
Up to 600VLow
Budget ChoiceCheck PriceCraftsman Multimeter With NCV Tester, 34-82007
Read Review
Up to 600VLow
Cheap ChoiceCheck PriceCRAFTSMAN 3482146 Compact Multimeter Kit
Read Review
0.1V to 600VMedium

Best 3 Craftsman Multimeter Reviews

These 3 multimeters from Craftsman are top-selling. Those multimeters have some advanced features, and the price is very low if we compare it to other multimeter brands.

Craftsman 34-82141 digital multimeter (Our Top Pick)

For beginners, hobbyists, and DIYers electrician, this is the most suitable Craftsman digital meter to use. It is simple and has easy to use features.

In addition, it comes with 8 functions and 20 ranges. Also, it has audible tones below 30 ohms to verify proper wiring and shorts. It is great for carrying out diode test for electronic and electrical testing. One of the downsides of this meter is that it has manual ranging and not auto-ranging. But once the starter learns how to utilize manual ranging, it becomes very easy. The meter as well measures up to 600V ac and dc, and has a great number of essential functions for electricity-related tests. If you are looking for a cheap but best Craftsman multimeter, then buy this.
craftsman multimeter reviewCheck Price

Why use this Craftsman 34-82141 digital meter?

  • It provides accurate readings through its manual ranging
  • The rubber holster that it comes with can prevent the device from crashing or spoiling when it fall.
  • It comes with a display screen that makes reading of values displayed to be easy
  • It is sturdily built to last long
  • Unlike other quality meters, this one is very affordable

Craftsman 34-82007 digital multimeter

If you are looking for a featured-packed digital multimeter tool on the market, the Craftsman 34-82007 is the most suitable one to have. Also, this gadget is durably constructed and compact in design. It is fully equipped with leads and probe. The large LCD display screen that this meter has provides easy to view readings to the user. Moreover, it has a power-off feature that saves battery power by shutting down the meter when it is idle for 15 minutes. The automatic hold feature enables the user to save readings for later reference. It has the capability to measure temperature, ac/dc voltage, capacitance, frequency, current, and resistance. With a maximum voltage of 600v, this is a great meter to use.
Craftsman digital multimeter 82141Check Price

Why use this Craftsman 34-82007 digital meter?

  • It is sturdily constructed for longer use
  • It is compact in design for easy handling
  • Craftsman 82007 comes with a large LCD display screen quick viewing of the readings
  • It has an auto-hold feature that saves the readings when you have nothing to write down on
  • This carries out different tests such as resistance, temperature, frequency, current, voltage, and capacitance.
  • It comes with a non-contact ac voltage detector for easy reading and detecting of voltages
  • The auto-power off features enables the meter to save on battery power when idle.

Craftsman 3482146 Compact digital multimeter with AC voltage detector

For professional electricians, this is one of the best digital Craftsman multimeter to use on the market. It is very reliable and accurate.
craftsman digital multimeter with ac voltage detectorCheck Price

The Craftsman multimeter is durably made and can withstand different hard conditions. It is suitable for use in homes or industrial repairs and electricity. This multimeter offers accuracy that is unrivaled by many multimeters in the market. The non-contact ac detector that it comes with makes identifying voltage to be easy. Also, it has a large easy to read LCD display that makes interpreting readings on the screen to be easy. The rubber holster included in the purchase prevents the multimeter from damage. On purchase of this quality multimeter, the manufacturer gives out a one year limited warranty.
Craftsman professional MultimeterCheck Price

Why use this Craftsman digital multimeter?

  • Sturdy construction for prolonged and safe use
  • It has a large LCD display screen for easy viewing of test outcomes
  • Comes with a non-contact ac detector for easy identification of voltage
  • The rubber holster prevents the multimeter from the harsh environment an electrician works from.
  • It is compact to fit in tight areas
  • It is very safe to use at home or for industrial use
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty

What to look for in the best digital multimeter tools?


Electricians functions in tricky environments. Here, the tools that they use such as multimeter can crash or even fall in the process. For this reason, every electrician should choose a sturdy and shock resistant meter for their job. Craftsman multimeters are durably built and are shock resistant too. Others are as well dust and waterproof. Picking such a multimeter will guarantee you years of use instead of acquiring fragile and unrelieable multimeters.

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If you want to carry out different tests such as temperature, voltage, frequency, resistance, current, capacitance or even duty cycle, it is important to select a digital meter that has those features. Also, a feature-packed multimeter is likely to be a bit costly and in most cases are needed by professional electricians as most of them are challenging to use. Features like auto-ranging, auto shut off, audible warning and True RMS are usually found on the high-end multimeters. Craftsman meter comes with various features that vary depending on the model.


As you set out to acquire a multimeter of your choice, ensure that it is able to perform the job that you acquired it for. Some people just buy multimeters without considering what their major function is. There are types that are created specifically for automotive, hvac or electronics. There are those meant for starters, hobbyists and others are built for expert electricians.

Ease of use

Pick a multimeter from Craftsman or any other brand that is easy to use if you’re a beginner. There are some meters that are complicated to use and not anyone can use them. These are best suited for professionals. The buttons on the device should be clear and the display screen should be large enough. Also, the device should be compact and very easy to handle as a heavy and large meter can be a burden.


There are various brands on the market that sell multimeters. Some pose as the best but their products are bad. Also, there are products that priced highly but still don’t deliver. If you want a reliable brand to purchase then apart from Fluke, Klein and Mastech, Craftsman is another excellent brand. It has different types of multimeters for different people.


A multimeter is a device that should provide accurate and precise results. If you want to get the best results, you should consider buying from a brand that offers a warranty. This can help you return or replace a meter if it is damaged. A warranty of one year plus is worth it.

Bottom line

Craftsman multimeters are among the best digital multimeters on the market. The brand offers different types for different uses at varying prices. The multimeters from Craftsman are durably made and are very reliable. With the above Craftsman multimeter review article information, you can now easily choose a multimeter that meets your needs and has the features that you need.


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