Klein mm600 Review 2024: Auto-Ranging 1000V Digital Multimeter

Klein is an excellent brand, and they offer different types of budget multimeters. You will find all Klein digital multimeter list here. One of the models from Klein that I have come to fall in love with is the Klein mm600 multimeter. This is a well-constructed meter with lots of features. It is made of a rugged body that can resist a dropping of up to 2 meters. The multimeter is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and meets the CAT IV 600V safety rating. Also, it has an auto-ranging feature and battery level indicator for alerting the user when the battery is low. Klein mm600 performs various tests such as volts, resistance, capacitance, current, temperature, and many others, as you will learn in this Klein mm600 review post.

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Technical Features of the Klein mm600 Multimeter


Klein mm600

Voltage AC/DC: 1000 volts
Ohms(Resistance): 40 MΩ
Frequency: 1Hz – 50 KHz
Capacitance: 40.00 nF – 4000uF
Type & volts: Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 1000V
Current AC/DC: 10 A
Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required
Batteries Included?: Yes
Size: Standard
Item Weight: 2.1 pounds
Product Dimensions: 10 x 5.6 x 2.7 inches
Price: Klein mm600 ReviewCheck Today’s Price On Amazon

Using the wrong multimeter might bring havoc to you or damage the device. Before you acquire any digital multimeter, you have to know what it can do and can’t do. This will help you in getting a tool that can handle the tasks that you have. It can be to measure volts, ohms, or resistance. Some cannot measure temperature, while others perform lots of functions. Ensure that you pick a quality device that won’t break the next day.

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Main Features & details Klein mm600 Review

  • Rugged design
  • Impact-resistant up to 2 meters
  • CAT IV 600V safety rating
  • Measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and resistance
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Auto-ranging
  • Low battery indicator
  • Carry case

Why buy Klein mm600 digital multimeter?

  • Sturdy construction

It is built with a hard plastic material that will withstand the hardships that it faces in the field. Since electricians and engineers work in tough conditions, this multimeter will still deliver despite experiencing wear and tear. This is because the material it is constructed with can resist an impact of up to 2 meters.

  • Easy to use device

The multimeter has very easy to use features. The buttons and ports on the device are well labeled. Also, it has a large LCD screen with a backlight which enables the user to easily read outcomes in the dark or light quickly. All you have to do is to place the test leads in their right ports when taking different tests or during troubleshooting.
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Ideal for domestic and industrial use

This versatile digital multimeter is suitable for use at home, business, and light-industry. This is because it has the ability to carry out a wide range of tests and measurements such as voltage, current, resistance, temperature, continuity, frequency, test diodes, capacitance, and duty cycles.

  • Easy to store

For a person to use the multimeter for long, they need to take good care of it. The Klein mm600 digital multimeter comes with a storage case that makes keeping it be easy and safe. When you finish carrying out tests, you can place the device back in the case. This will prolong its life as its safe. Furthermore, its small size allows the user to keep it in the backpack as they travel from one area to another.

  • Has a battery level indicator

The Klein mm600 digital multimeter has a battery level indicator that lets the user know the remaining power of the battery. The multimeter uses 2 x AAA batteries. It also has an easily accessible battery and fuses replacement compartment. I should mention in this Klein mm600 review that I love these features.

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Compact and sleek multimeter

Besides providing accurate and fast readings, this device is compactly designed and very easy to handle. It is comfortable in the hands and lightweight, too. You can use it for hours without feeling burdened. Its sleek design means that you can feel free to remove it anywhere, and you will have your colleagues admiring it.
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  • Reliable brand

Klein is a reliable brand with lots of amazing multimeters to offer to clients. They concentrate on creating durable and accurate digital multimeter devices. The Klein mm600 is just one of their various products on offer.

  • Great price

At such a great price, you will get several features that the Klein mm600 dmm offers. It has similar functions to high-end multimeters. So, the user stands to benefit from this quality device for many years to come.


The Klein MM600 Multimeter, known for its reliability and functionality, does have a few drawbacks as noted by various sources:

  • Display Limitations: The MM600’s display, while large and equipped with an auto-ranging backlight, only offers a 4000 count. This count is standard in its price range but may not provide the reliability of slightly more expensive models, especially for those needing warnings for potential fatal shock hazards​.
  • Not a True-RMS Meter: It’s important to note that the Klein MM600 is not a True-RMS meter. This means it can only be used accurately for sine waves, limiting its utility in certain electrical measurements​.
  • Loose Test Leads Over Time: Users have reported that the test leads may start to feel loose in the meter jacks after some use. Although this does not impact the readings themselves, it might be a concern for those looking for a highly durable design​.
  • Targeted Use for Light Industries: The MM600 is particularly noted for its suitability in light industries, suggesting it might not be the best choice for more heavy-duty or industrial applications​.

Klein mm600 vs mm700


Klein mm600

Klein mm700

Voltage AC/DC: 1000V AC; 1000 V DC 1000V AC; 1000 V DC
Ohms(Resistance): 40 MΩ 40 MΩ
Frequency: 1Hz – 50 KHz 1Hz – 500 KHz
Capacitance: 1000µF 4000µF
Current AC/DC: 10A AC/DC 10A AC/DC
Battery Cell Type: Alkaline Alkaline
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required 2 AAA batteries required
Batteries Included?: Yes Yes
Size: Standard TRMS/Low Impedance
Item Weight: 2.1 pounds 0.66 pounds
Product Dimensions: 10 x 5.6 x 2.7 inches 9.9 x 5.7 x 2.7 inches
Price: Check Price Check Price

Bottom Line

If you have lots of tests to conduct, then look away. But if you want a multimeter for simple domestic tests and troubleshooting, then this is a great fit for you. The Klein mm600 digital multimeter is sturdily built and can resist an impact of up to 2 meters. It comes with a large display screen that displays readings even in the dark as it has a backlight. The device is compact and easy to handle. With its battery level indicator, you will know when the batteries are running out and replace them. The Klein mm600 will help you test volts, ohms, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, test diodes, continuity, and frequency.

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