Fluke 325 Review 2024 [Clamp Meter AC-DC TRMS]

The Fluke 325 clamp multimeter is a durable and reliable digital multimeter suitable for serious electrical enthusiasts and professional HVAC technicians. Sold by Fluke Corporation, this is a sturdy tool that performs a wide range of functions. Fluke is one of the best multimeter brands on the market, with many years of experience and tools on its belt. Read this Fluke 325 review to know more about this multimeter.

If you are a professional looking for an affordable but accurate and fast digital multimeter, then you should consider getting the Fluke 325. Offered alongside two other models in the Fluke 323 True-RMS and Fluke 324, the Fluke 325 is the most advanced among the three Fluke 320 series.

Technical Specifications Of The Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meters

Features Fluke 325 clamp meter
DC current: Range: 40.00 A / 400.0 A
Accuracy: 2% ± 5 digits
AC current: Range: 40.00 A / 400.0 A
Accuracy: 2% ± 5 digits (45 Hz to 65 Hz)
2.5% ± 5 digits (65 Hz to 400 Hz)
DC volts: Range: 600.0 V
Accuracy: 1.0% ± 5 digits
AC volts: Range: 600.0 V
Accuracy: 1.5% ± 5 digits
Resistance: Range: 400.0 Ω / 4000 Ω / 40.00 kΩ
Accuracy: 1.0% ± 5 digits
Continuity: ≤ 30 Ω
Capacitance: 0 to 100.0 μF / 100μF to 1000 μF
AC response: True-RMS
Frequency: 5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz
AC Response: True-RMS
Data hold: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Contact temperature: -10.0°C to 400.0°C (14.0°F to 752.0°F)
Category rating: CAT III 600 V
CAT IV 300 V
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries are required. (included)
Warranty: Two-year
Price: Check Price

The Fluke 325 DMM is great for measuring up to 400 A in both AC and DC currents. This compact and sturdy unit is a perfect True-RMS HVAC device; hence you can rely on it to deliver accurate results even on non-linear signals. You can also use it to test frequency, voltage, continuity, capacitance, and resistance.

Summary of Contents

Clamp Meter Fluke 325 Review 2024

Without much ado! Here are the Fluke 325 multimeter’s features, pros, and cons explained in detail.


The Fluke 325 digital multimeter is sturdily constructed to last long. This device is made of durable plastic that will withstand accidental dropping from close range. The dial is steady and easy to use. The thermocouple comes with a strong plug that occupies the same jack inputs as the probe leads. Besides, the test leads are also secure to use as they feature rubber holding.

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Additionally, it has a sturdy carrying case for securely keeping the meter. The case also makes transportation easy. Unlike other units in the market, the Fluke 325 device does not make noise during operation. Thus, the user will have an easy time utilizing the unit.


Reading results is simple and straightforward as the device features a large display screen with an outstanding resolution. Most multimeters are not known for being high resolution, but this gadget comes with 4000-counts and displays down to 0.01A.  You can check the True RMS measurements effortlessly with its wide display as it has easy to read backlight screen. This can be compared to the most advanced digital multimeters that cost thousands of dollars.
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Furthermore, it features a backlight screen that allows the owner to utilize the unit even in poorly lit places. So, the user is not limited by conditions as they can work at any time of the day.


The Fluke 325 clamp meters perform really well. This is because it can be utilized to carry out both simple and advanced electrical problems. You can use this device to perform resistance measurements of up to 40 kΩ, AC and DC voltage measurements of up to 600V, contact temperature of -10˚C to 400˚C, AC current of 0 to 40A/400A, resistance range of 0 to 400Ωfrequency of 5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz, and capacitance. Also, it has a hold function system and accurate continuity detection. This is a very versatile tool great for HVAC service technicians and other serious electricians with all these functions. Also, the price is cheaper than the Fluke 87V professional multimeter.


Apart from performing a wide range of functions, the Fluke 325 True RMS ac voltage provides very accurate measurements. This means that it provides precise results even for non-linear signals, which is very important for professional technicians and engineers. So, you can never go wrong or record bad values while using Fluke 325.

Hold Button and Auto-ranging

Using this device is fun as you can pause or put on hold the value acquired from a test when busy and record it later before overwriting it. All you need to do is to press the hold button, and you’re good to go. Moreover, it has an auto-ranging feature which means that you can decide to either use the manual ranging or auto-ranging function depending on your needs.

Intuitive User-interface

If you’re new to digital multimeters, worry not, as this unit is simple and straightforward to use. It has well-labeled buttons, and the dial selector is very steady. All the ports are also well indicated, and you can refer to the user manual if you don’t know what to do.


Pricewise, I can say that this unit is favorably priced when compared to other high-end digital auto multimeters with the same features.  I can advise that beginners and Dyers who only want to perform basic functions should consider going for a cheaper DMM instead of this one. But if they intend to perform more functions in the near future, then the device is worth every penny.


Fluke is one of the oldest multimeter brands on the market in terms of reliability, and many people have full trust in their products. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the Fluke 325. So, this is a secure investment.

What we liked about the Fluke 325 meter

  • A compact and lightweight device
  • Backlit displays allow the user to read results in poorly lit places
  • Fluke 325 true RMS clamp meter features a probe for measuring temperature
  • Hands-free operation with the clamp feature
  • Safe to use with CAT III 600V/ CAT IV 300V safety rating
  • Versatile clamp digital multimeter with temperature, frequency, voltage, current, and continuity tests.
  • This true RMS clamp meter is quiet in operation
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Large display for clear reading of results
  • 2-year warranty

What we didn’t like about the Fluke 325 multimeter

Who is best suited for the Fluke 325 Clamp Meter?

This is a wonderful multimeter for the current measurement of up to 400 A in a small space. Since it is slightly more costly than most basic Klein digital multimeters (DMM), the Fluke 325 should be acquired by professional technicians and HVAC service electricians. This doesn’t mean that startup electricians or DIY enthusiasts cannot use it. However, it will be a bit costly as they won’t need some features if their work is only to troubleshoot

Final Thoughts

With the Fluke 325 digital multimeter, you can be certain that you will make the right measurements for both residential and commercial electrical problems. This multimeter is designed for the toughest conditions, and it provides accurate results. It is easy to use, and the backlit display makes reading results in the dark possible. So, you can always carry out different electrical tests, even in poorly lit places.

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This is a tool that you will use for many years to come at such a great price. The sturdy carrying case will keep it safe if not in use, and the two-year warranty assures the user of support in case of any issue. This HVAC meter is also ideal for commercial and residential electricians. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Fluke 325 Review.


  • How do I adjust the current from a range of 40A to 400A for both AC and DC?

You don’t have to do anything, as the Fluke 325 digital multimeter is automatic. The device will automatically select the range between 40A and 400A. It features a single wheel setting for amps and another button for specifying whether you want to measure AC or DC with a multimeter.

  • Why does the multimeter not go to zero while in the AC volt mode?

A True-RMS AC digital multimeter will not zero and should not be zeroed at all. Most of the True-RMS DMMs come with a minimum AC voltage and current level specification for both the AC volts and AC current modes. Normally, they are set from 3% to 5% of the range. In case a signal is applied above the set minimum level, the multimeter will match its accuracy specifications. This specification is usually described in the user manual.

  • What minimum AC/DC current can Fluke 325 measure?

It can measure down to 0.01 amps.

  • What is the exact range of the Fluke 325 clamp meter?

The multimeter can measure from 40 A to 400A.

  • Can the meter test DC amps?


  • What is the capacitance range?

Capacitance = 0 to 100.0 μF / 100μF to 1000 μF

  • Can you read the last maximum reading?

Yes, it has a peak hold feature.

  • Is a carrying case included?

Yes, you will get it with the Fluke 325 package.

  • Why does Fluke 325 have low illumination on the left side?

The backlight of this model is located on the right side. That’s why you have poor illumination on the left side of the screen.

  • Can you check amps directly from a power cord?

No, clamping it around the cord won’t show the amp reading. You need to clamp it around the hot feed.

  • Is the Fluke 325 multimeter worth the money?

Fluke is the leading multimeter manufacturing brand, and its 325 model is far more advanced and accurate. Though it is slightly expensive, its performance and sturdy construction make it worth the extra penny.

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