Fluke 374 vs. 376: Compare Two Professional Level Multimeters

The Fluke 374 FC is cheaper than the Fluke 376 FC and is ideal for mid-level technicians or pro DIYers. On the other hand, the Fluke 376 FC clamp meter is more advanced in features and only suited for professional technicians or electricians.

Fluke is a tremendous master category industry that has produced tons of electrical items and gadgets over the years, and Fluke manufactures loads of different genre products related to the electrical system. This company manufactures multimeter, clamp meters, ohmmeters, and other perspectives covering the electrical compendiums’ horizon. Among all of these structures are two of the very best clamp meters. The Fluke 374 and 376 are two of the very best in the business. In this article, we reveal all the ins and outs comparatively. 

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What is a clamp meter? 

The clamp meter is nothing but a stupendous element in the arena of electrical devices and compounding. A clamp meter is a blocked-shaped instrument that is capable of measuring the AC current measurement, Leakage current measurement, Starting current measurement, and many more things. There is always a live wire for calculating the current flow.

The typical multimeters are used for circuit measurement and are deployed in a series. On the contrary, clamp meters can calculate the current flowing in the wire. It works by a strong magnetic field that is associated with the flow of current. 

You can apply the clamp meter to detect the DC current, resistance, diode, Continuity and Capacitance checks, temperature, and a lot more.  

Short overview: Fluke 374 clamp meter

Fluke Corporation is one of the world’s biggest names on the horizon of electronic test tools and software. It has been responsible for manufacturing, distributing, and servicing tons of electrical products since its establishment in 1948. It has been serving the world with unique technology and products. The testing and troubleshooting elements have made this company a giant in this industry. The vision and mission of this company have been straightforward. Industrial electronic installation, service and maintenance, precision and quality control, and service industries are all the main aspects of this business tycoon.Fluke 374

The fluke 374 clamp meter is a colossal addition to the family of electrical testing devices by the Fluke corporation. It provides an advanced troubleshooting performance. It is incorporated with the iFlex flexible current probe, which is capable of measuring the wires around it. Fluke Connecting wireless test tools are synonymous with the features of a multimeter. 

Key features of Fluke 374

The tremendous aspects of the Fluke 374 are given here, 

  • The new combination kit, based on the Fluke 87V, is an 87V/E2 unit measurement with special accessories for outstanding industrial troubleshooting.  
  • It includes AC220 SureGrip alligator clips alongside the main statue of Fluke 87V. The C35 software accessory and the TL224 SureGrip silicone clip have been occupied and harmonized with the Integrated 80BK solution. 
  • The test lead, which is initiated with the type-K DMM portable magnum strip, has a tremendous accuracy advantage. 
  • The TP38 slim SureGrip probe set declared solidarity with the TPAK magnetic hanger. All these sets of integrations have made the Fluke 374 an unparalleled product. 

Some drawbacks or cons:

The Fluke 374 is a digital clamp meter designed for electrical testing and measurements. However, as with any product, it may have some drawbacks or cons. Here are some potential cons associated with the Fluke 374:

  • Cost: Fluke meters are generally more expensive compared to some other brands. The higher price might be a limiting factor for hobbyists or those on a tight budget.
  • Complexity for Beginners: For those new to electrical measurements, the Fluke 374 might seem complex. It has multiple functions and settings which can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Size and Portability: While it is designed to be handheld, its size might still be bulky for some users, especially when working in tight spaces.
  • Limited Functions for Advanced Users: Although it covers a wide range of functions, professionals might find it lacking in certain advanced features that are available in more specialized or higher-end models.
  • Battery Life: Depending on usage, the battery life might not be as long as expected, requiring frequent replacements or recharges.
  • Display Visibility: In certain lighting conditions, the display might be hard to read, especially for users working in outdoor environments.
  • Durability in Extreme Conditions: While Fluke meters are known for their durability, extreme conditions like very high temperatures or corrosive environments might affect its performance.

Brief description of Fluke 376 clamp meter

Fluke 376 is an unthinkable production of Fluke corporation, which has set a newer dimension in the electrical testing paradigm. It has been inaugurated with a diverse mechanism of advantages. Fluke 376

It is incorporated with a true-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter that gallons the newest and most advanced technology of iFlexTM. It has been architecture for the toughest industrial environments, which has a robust 2500 A ac and 1000 A dc current measurement. The true-RMS ac voltage and current measurements have added an extra layer of trustability to the system. It can detect 1000V and 1000A in both ac and dc modes, which is truly awesome. To conclude, Fluke 376 is truly a giant in the Clamp Meter section. Do not forget the innovative iFlex flexible current probe makes checking current more imminent. 

Staggering configuration of Fluke 376

The flexible iFlex current probe can calculate more than 2500 A ac which is quite awesome. It can also measure the awkward-sized conductors with the CAT III 1000 V safety rating version. 

  • The huge CAT IV 600 V user rating version adds a newer dimension to the display flexibility. It has an integrated low pass filter that makes sure that an overload of current can not harm the device.
  • Improved wire access with the art signal processing makes the entire compendium stable. This provision of stable readings can be really effective in filtering excess noise. 
  • The inrush measurement technology has never been so consistent. It can capture motor starting current with super accuracy. It also boldens the circuit protection. The ergonomic mechanism makes the device more flexible as it can be grabbed easily. 
  • The backlight display has an enormous backup. The Integrated low pass filter has the VFD mechanism. It comes with a Soft carrying case. They give the backup of a rough Three-year warranty. 
  • It is simple to attach the meter to the measuring device. It can capture intermittent faults and also prepare reports on them. You can send that report via email or other application software, and you get the advantage of shifting readings wirelessly through the Fluke Connect Measurements app. 

Some Drawbacks or Cons:

The Fluke 376 clamp meter, while highly regarded for its features, has a couple of notable drawbacks:

  • Small Display: Some users have reported that the unit has a small display, which can make reading measurements challenging, especially from an angle. This issue can be mitigated by taking a closer look at the display.
  • Pricey for Domestic Uses: The Fluke 376 FC is considered expensive for home or office use. It is primarily designed for industrial and heavy-duty applications, which justifies its higher price point in comparison to its advanced features and benefits​.

What are the similarities between Fluke 374 and 376?

If we see the specifications of the Fluke 374 and 376, we will find some similarities and dissimilarities. Let us shortly give those similarities, 

  • The Ingress Protection calculation is IP30, which is the same for both clamp meters. 
  • The safety unit is CAT-III and CAT IV 600 V which are the same on both sides.
  • The Capacitance is Up to 1000 μF for each of the gadgets.
  • Measurement of the AC/DC Volts is Up to 1000 V in either case.

Fluke 374 vs. 376: What are the core differences? 

Here are some core differences between Fluke 374 and 376. A comparable table can be very much effective in depicting their differences.

Product weight 10.6 ounces 10.6 ounces
Additional elements 600A AC/DC TRMS wireless clamp 1000A AC/DC TRMS wireless clamp
Dimension  246 by 83 by 43 mm  246 by 83 by 43 mm 
Type of Power source Battery Powered Battery Powered
Transition style  Standard  Elite 
AC/DC Volts Up to 1000 V Up to 1000 V
iFlex Probe Maximization 2500 A standard  2500 A elite
Frequency Up to 500 Hz
Tractable Capacitance Up to 1000 μF Up to 1000 μF
DC Measurement (mV) Up to 500 mV
Capability of Logging Null Yes
Safety review CAT-III and CAT IV 600 V CAT-III and CAT IV 600 V
Ingress Protection calculation  IP30 IP30
Actual Resistance Up to 6,000 Ω Up to 60 kΩ
AC/DC Current 600 A Nearly 1000 A


These two are the most powerful RMS clamp meters introduced by the renowned Fluke company. The Fluke Connect system was invented in a marvelous way that wireless tools can detect voltage, current, and resistance in a diversified manner. The meters are mostly compatible with all the electrical devices, and there is nothing to worry about preventing these systems. The unparalleled flexibility these clamp meters offer you is beyond description. Data measurement has never been so protracted, and the user experience these devices give you is simply more than a gem. These two products have made saving and sharing of data much faster and more rapid. Let us see a detailed description of the differences between these meters.

Current Measurement progress

The Fluke 376 FC can detect voltage up to 1000 V AC/DC. It can also calculate current up to 999.9 A AC/DC. Both of them can measure the frequency up to 500 Hz, and in the term of approbate, Fluke 376 FC can calculate the resistance up to 60 kΩ, But Fluke 374 FC can only measure the 6000 Ω. Both of them can measure the capacitance up to 1000μF. 

A 500 mV DC measurement range has been added to the Fluke 376 FC. It can detect the max, average, and in-rush recordings. The Fluke 374 FC can also detect all of these in the same manner. The 376 FC includes a flexible iFlex probe of current that can measure current up to 2500 A. It fits every normal rigid clamp jaw. The 374 FC has an optional extra mechanism for accessing the iFlex probe. On the other hand, The Fluke 374 FC can detect AC/DC 600A. The resistance is up to 6,000Ω and capacitance up to 1000 μF in the 374 FC. The 374 FC also has the max, average, and in-rush recording system. 

Product Warranty

Both the 376 FC and 374 FC come with a standard 3-year warranty. The IP30 version is protected against water and dust ingress. These meters are also integrated with the CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V. Both also include maximum flexibility. If there are any sorts of defects in the gadget, then Fluke will exchange that product within a 3-year warranty limit.

Pricing factor 

The price of the Fluke 376 FC is nearly five hundred dollars. On the contrary, the cost price of Fluke 374 FC is less than four hundred dollars. 

The 600 A AC and DC current measurement and 2500 AC measurement having a flexible current probe are devastating to the system. 

Both devices give a True and trustable RMS voltage and measurement of current. For accurate measurements and detecting linear signals both can be very effective. 

But as the price range, I will recommend the 374 FC as it is more precise and budget-friendly also. 

Final Verdict: Which one should you buy? 

Measurements depicting the main judgemental decision about which one is the best for you is more than that of asking yourself about the non-conventional prospects of the clamp meters. Both the 374 FC and 376 FC are unmatched by the other devices in the market. But though we need to conclude the article, let us check some valuable criteria regarding the target audiences of these two products. 

Buy Fluke 374 if… The 374 FC clamp meter is an introductory level but effective product from the Fluke corporation. Since it is a budget-friendly item, anyone aspiring to gain basic knowledge about clamp meters can buy this. 

The amateurs, mid-level technicians, and homeowners can give it a try to enrich their experience with tons of electrical gadgets. If you have a low budget, 374 FC can be the best pick for fulfilling your needs.   

Buy Fluke 376 if … The 376 FC is not only a Clamp Meter but also an Industrial Electrician kit. This is a gadget that is well known for measuring the accuracy of the current and amp of a device. The 376 FC clamp meter is capable of detecting the magnetic fields that have been generated by current flowing in a wire. It can calculate the current value effortlessly. 

The targeted users of Fluke 376 are pro-level professionals, technicians, and engineers. Though it is more expensive than the Fluke 374, so it allows more functions and coverage as well, the accuracy is also stupendous. Large organizations also show interest in this colossal device for measuring various aspects of gadgets.

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