Fluke 376 FC True RMS Wireless Clamp Meter Review

Clamp meters are one of the finest and most accurate devices that are capable of calculating the meter readings and the resistance of any electrical device. Some of the finest products have been produced by one of the renowned brands in this arena, and the name of the brand is Fluke. This company emerged from the ashes and has been operating since the last century. 

They had manufactured tons of products, but some products were exceptionally good. Among so many Clamp meters today, we will take our hand on one of the best in this business, the Fluke 376 FC. It is a versatile product that has been designed for all categories of people, from pro home electricians to professional mechanics and so on. This article will enfold all the ins and outs of this futuristic product. Let us be vigilant and talk about the Fluke 376 FC.

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At a glance: Fluke 376 FC specifications

Fluke 376 FC is a tremendous clamp meter that works impressively in the field of testing and scrutinizing electrical devices. The specification of this device is truly amazing, and nothing can surpass the enormity of this gadget. Here is the complete description of the Fluke 376 FC, 

Diameter of the conductor: 34 mm 

Operating temperature: -14 to 122°F

Storage temperature: -40 to 140°F

Operating Humidity: 90% when the temperature is within 10 to 30 °C 

AC current: 2500A at 0.1 A

Frequency: 500 Hz at 0.1 Hz

Inrush operating system: Available 

Weight: 14 oz. or 88g

Dimension of the product: 9.685 x 3.267 x 1.692 in. or 246 x 83 x 43 mm

External magnetic field resistant: 40 DB

Warranty procedure:  Three years money back guarantee

How to use the Fluke 376 clamp meter? (Video)

What is a Fluke Clamp meter?

The Fluke digital Clamp meters are the biggest assets one can cherish for use in day-to-day life. These are used to measure any digital device’s voltage, current, and resistance. They can take the reading with a nice free and advanced culture. The outlaw of performance and the simple diagnosis formula make it the most reliable device in the arena of electrical devices. Fluke 376 FC

Fluke Clamp meters are very much special for their superior potential. They are capable of using it in the most extreme condition. The Fluke Clamp meters can reach those places easily in compact spaces where it is very tiresome to reach the measuring meter. The extra large computers are also compatible with making the cohabitants with these clamp meters.     

Clamp meters are also capable of maintaining the internal bonanza. Electrical professionals find it very useful and can also apply it in the rarest corner. These are applied in commercial and residential arenas also. This clamp meter makes diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical problems more convenient.

Basic overview of Fluke 376 FC Multimeter

Fluke 376 FC is a futuristic product capable of initiating almost everything you cherish. Let us take a conclusive close look at the tremendous aspects of this product.

  • Whatever you attach this clamp meter to your smartphone, it goes deeper and can calculate almost everything about the readings and proclamations. It can Record results in a structured way, and then it can save the data set in the Cloud computing system. 
  • It is responsible for detecting intermittent faults and logging capabilities. The Fluke 376 FC can send the results via email or any of the data-sharing apps like ShareLive. The real-time Integrated VFD low pass filter has the ability to produce an error-free result in the system. 
  • The conclusive inrush measurement technology has the natural intention of filtering out the noise, and the motor starting current has a deep attraction with the circuit protection technologies. The safety rating is also huge in that it supports the CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V format, and conversely, it has protectability and performance-wise safety measurement aspects. Inrush measurement can eliminate noise while taking readings.
  • This colossal product comes with a three-year warranty, and they give you a money-back guarantee. It can flawlessly calculate the AC/DC current. 
  • The ultrasonic iFlex current probe system ensures maximum versatility in measuring the current and the voltage. The probes are too sensitive and can catch even the shortest wave of current flow. 
  • In the case of the non-linear signals, the VFD low pass filters are very much helpful for the detection ng the ascending form of the device. The Remote log can give profound instructions. The intermittent faults can be devices in a harmonious way for pinpointing the tiniest issue. 

What are the advanced features of the Fluke 376 FC multimeter?

This is an excellent device for its amazing operability. The foremost important thing a meter can provide is accuracy. Before this meter, the Klein meter is the concomitant disciplinary formation of clamp meters, and regarding this issue, the Fluke is much better than the Klein meter in terms of price and versatility. Fluke only makes electronic devices for testing electricity, and they appear to be the foremost trusted company within the metering industry. The Fluke offered higher resolution readings on most of the settings. Also, the millivolt’s settings must be customized in order to make an accurate Prometheus. The multiple decimal places should be rescheduled as the readings are really sensitive. Fluke 376 FC Multimeter

Capable of measuring the diodes

The Fluke 376 FC can detect a non-contact voltage detector and a temperature setting and examine the diodes in recognizable ways. Fluke is incredibly rapid and appears to be more right in terms of measuring the currents and resistance. The fluke clamp meter is similar to the IR temperature gun and non-contact voltage tester. 

Enriched with CAT format

The excellent inrush measurement technology has the provocative intention of filtering out extreme sound, and the motor starting flow of current has a deep attraction with the circuit protection technologies. The safety ratings are also laudable as it supports the CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V format, and conversely, it has extreme compatibility with electrical devices.

Detecting and eliminating noise 

In fact, Inrush measurement can detect noise while taking readings and also can annihilate them. The readings can go as deep as decimals inclusion. Thus it operates unparalleled in the case of adjustable chipsets. One of the advantages of the Fluke 376 FC is able to measure the stupendous electric current passing through the gadget. The breaking of the circuits is not necessary here. A rigorous plant galloped with some colossal machines can produce certain elements like invertible misfirings and probe dissolution. 

Stabilizing the Energy Management system 

A bad electric current fluctuation can harm the device, but this clamp meter somehow manages to proclaim the visibility. The intensity and magnitude of the current must be in a ubiquitous position so that the clamp meter can attenuate them. Energy Management solutions can be so enraging as the diversity and inclusion could be scattered. The management of the conscience is bestowed in the Hall Effect clamp meters. These clamps are not covered with transitive copper wires.

Protruding the Hall Effect mechanism 

Two black and red wire probes surround the current transformer clamp meters. The spurious magnetic field induced by the current can attract unwanted meter readings. Thus the Fluke 376 FC can effortlessly measure any of the detentions related to the current flow, and the operability of the product is also noteworthy. Users can really be benefitted from the unthinkable aspects of the 376 FC Fluke.

What are the minor faults of Fluke 376 FC?

With some of the greatest advantages ahead, the 376 FC Fluke also has some minor cons that should be depicted for having a clear knowledge of the device. Let’s look into some of the minor faults of this device. Fluke 376 FC Multimeter

According to some users, buying this product is a total loss of money. The stiff PVC leads have cohabited with the Chinese value-line 117, which some clients consider a low standard. It gives a feeling of a cheap clamp meter. Another alarming thing is that the BlueTooth range is horribly short. As a consequence, you can not detect the readings from a long distance. This lack of range of the BlueTooth adds a loophole in the internal system of the product. This product must have had better algorithms and tremendous accuracy and ratings, which it lacks. The silicone leads that have been incorporated into the system’s operability also make no sense. They, in fact, are not compatible with the main conjugative inspection of the device. The price is relatively higher than the concomitant counterparts.

As we can see, there are lots more defects in these products that the users have identified. Though these are some of the weak points of this gadget, people have immense interest in buying it as it has several outstanding options, making it an unparalleled product. So think prudently and decide if you want to go for the product. 

How many dollars do you require to buy Fluke 376 FC? 

Fluke 376 FC is a colossal edition by the masterpiece Fluke company. It is an all-rounder product with a wide range of capabilities. The synonymous features of the Fluke 376 FC have made it a complete giant in the electrical testing device agency. You need to spend less than five hundred dollars to purchase the clamp meter. Consequently, The product you have in this price range is truly awesome. Fluke 376 FC

Final Verdict: Should you buy Fluke 376 FC? 

Fluke 376 FC is one of the biggest draws in the clamp meter sector, and you need to know the aspects and features that it provides you. After the market research, you will be affirmed by the seller and the manufacturer of the device that you need to buy without any second thoughts. 

The craziest and most alluring things that should be in a clamp meter have everything inside the gadget. This clamp meter is one of the biggest gestures in the arena of clamp meters. This clamp meter has an ergonomic design that is protectable and easy to handle. It is very much ideal for a wide range of measurement readings. It is also capable of being used in noisy electrical environments. It is also tremendous for saving money and time. On the whole, it can accurately measure the low-level DC current as well, as it can be applied in process and automation ambiance.

Fluke 376 FC True-RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex: Manuals + resources


User manual
Safety sheet | 374 FC/375 FC/376 FC
Statement of memory volatility | 374 FC/375 FC/376 FC
Calibration Manual | 374 FC/375 FC/376 FC/902 FC

Selection guide:

Clamp Selection Guide

Download the app:

Download on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Fluke 376 FC Clamp Meter- Common FAQs

  • Question: What is the sampling rate of the Fluke 376 FC meter?

Answer: The clamp meter can measure up to 1000V and 1000A.

  • Question: How many samples per second?

Answer: The average is 8 readings per second.

  • Question: Can you get the data in CVS format?

Answer: Yes, you can check and store the measurement data via Fluke Connect apps. You can also print that data.

  • Question: Is the Fluke 376 FC meter wireless?

Answer: Yes, it has Wi-Fi connectivity. Just go to the Apple app store and install the Fluke Connect app (which works through Bluetooth). This app will allow you to set different sampling rates and record times.

  • Question: Does it have a non-contact voltage warning system?

Answer: No, it won’t warn you while testing the live circuit.

  • Question: Does Fluke 376 FC have sleep mode?

Answer: If it is not used, it will sleep after a while.

  • Question: Can you read microfarads and ohms?

Answer: Yes. You can measure up to 60k ohms.

  • Question: What is the attachment system?

Answer: The Fluke 376 FC comes with both magnetic and strap attachment options. But the non-FC version doesn’t feature a magnet attachment system.

  • Question: Is it Calibration certified?

Answer: No, you have to pay to get the certification.

  • Question: Is the i2500 probe included with the Fluke 376FC?

Answer: Yes, and it helps you measure higher voltage.

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