Digital multimeter vs analog multimeter

The world changes so fast. In the past, analog-digital multimeters were the order of the day for individuals who deal with electricity. At the moment, digital multimeters have taken over and the commonly used. If you are new to multimeters, you might be now wondering which meter is the best for your job. With the information that we are about to share with you, making a decision to either buy a digital or analog multimeter will be very easy. Below are the various factors that distinguish the analog and digital multimeters.

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This is a very important factor to look into when purchasing a quality multimeter. Although both of the meters are made of quality materials, they don’t have the same stability and resistance. An electrician works in a tough environment where the falling of the multimeter is very easy. Analog multimeter is not strong enough especially when it falls some meters away from the ground. The needle-like pointer usually gets loose in such a situation and doesn’t work as needed. But for a digital multimeter, they are usually shock resistant, dust, and waterproof. This makes them be reliable in such tough conditions.

Accurate reading

Measuring electricity requires one to be accurate. In the case of an electrician, measuring electricity is done in tough situations and corners. In such a scenario, the analog multimeter can be a bit unreliable as one cannot read it when in tight places. For instance, when in dark places or when the meter is at a tight angle. Unlike analog meters, digital meters can be read from any angle and place. As a result, one can be certain to have accurate readings every time they use a digital meter. Also, digital meters provide results in values that are accurate when compared to the analog needle and scale that you have to estimate. I have reviewed my favorite digital multimeter in this blog post.

Easy to use

Digital multimeters are very easy to use than analog multimeters. They come with a large display screen that can be read even in dark places. The results displayed on the digital screen are very easy to read than the analog scale. This makes it possible for beginners and electrician enthusiasts to read digital multimeters.


When it comes to portability, digital multimeters are extremely portable as they’re offer in a wide range of sizes and types. There is almost every design and type for every electrician. Some come with lots of features and are ideal for professional use while others are for multipurpose use. Normally, digital meters are also compact in design and lightweight. Some come with holsters for easy carry.


This is one of the features that greatly distinguish analog multimeters from digital multimeters. Digital multimeters are available at all prices from costly ones to affordable ones. This is not usually the case with analog multimeters. There are digital multimeters that cost even less than $50.

Additional features

Before digital multimeters were discovered, analog multimeters couldn’t provide more than one parameter testing such as voltage, resistance or current. Today, digital multimeter provides more than one use and that’s where they got their name, multimeter. They can measure voltage, current, frequency, resistance, continuity, capacitance, and temperature, among other things.

This is because digital multimeter comes with additional features like thermocouple that allow measuring of various things. Other amazing features that DMM comes with include a backlit screen for viewing results in the dark, auto-ranging feature for accuracy, auto shut off and many other features.

With the above information, you can easily choose between analog and digital meter. But it is evident that digital multimeters are way better than analog multimeters in a lot of ways. If you want a versatile and affordable multimeter for home or commercial use, then the digital multimeter is the best.

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